Get the Top body Massage in Powai and Feel Rejuvenated

Massage involves manipulation of muscles, the soft tissues of the body and tendons. To give relief from a particular problem professionals in this body massage centre in Powai, use certain techniques like stroking, rubbing and moving the body parts. Massage is done by applying low stroking or high pressure on the body as per requirement.

Different Massages :-

Now, massage is not only limited to the walls of a spa but is being recommended as a complementary treatment, as a remedy for many ailments. At this body massage parlour- female to male, everybody can get the massage. From polishing and toning of the body to body massage in Powai-everything is done here by trained staffs.

  • Gentle and relaxing Swedish Massage is the most common massage which includes kneading, circular movements, long and smooth strokes and techniques of friction.
  • With the help of some essential oils, Aromatherapy message treats a variety of physical ailments. Different components are used in different oils and they are used according to the particular problem you have.
  • Hot stone massage gives you both the sensation of the smooth texture of the stones and also the heat of the stones. It's not performed by hands, smooth stones are used in massaging the body and they are placed in certain parts of the body.
  • You may sit on a chair facing the therapist and get the massage on neck, hands, arms, and shoulders. This is called chair massage. Motorized massage chair can also be used here and in this case, the light and vibration generate from the chair activate the body cells.
  • Deep Tissue massage is performed by applying deep pressure targeting the deep layers of muscle.
  • Shiatsu Massage is done by applying thumb pressure to some specific portions of the acupuncture meridians.
  • Here, also come to get Sandwich body massage in Poway where a man is placed between two female massage therapists who give massage simultaneously.

Along with all these also you can get the best Thai body massage, Reflexology, Sports Body massage and Happy Ending body massage in Powai.

Benefits of Massage :-

Massage reduces stress and anxiety, improves the immune system, gives relief from joint pains and muscular tension, maintains the hormonal balance and improves the blood circulation. Whether you are a male or female, come to our spa to get full body massage- female or male in Powai.